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Skydive Training School
We teach using the internationally recognised Accelerated Freefall (AFF) method.


  • Initial ground training takes up the best part of a day.
  • We understand individuals learn in different ways.
  • Lessons are planned to fit each and every individual.
  • We go skydiving when the instructors say “lets do it” and most importantly after you’ve said “Yes, I’m ready”
  • Most jumps are filmed.

Cost to Learn

  • Initial training (No skydive)- $200
  • First three Jumps including Initial Training - $1155
  • Jumps 1 to 4 - $335 ea
  • Jumps 5 to 8 - $295 ea
  • Coaching jumps - $195
  • Allow $5,000 to $5,200 to complete 25 jumps required to qualify for your “A Certificate”
All prices GST Included

International Licence

  • We are Certified to train skydiving students to the standards and rules of the NZPIA (NZ Parachute Industry Association).
  • The NZPIA issue your "A" Certificate (Licence) on behalf of the Director of NZCAA (NZ Civil Aviation).
  • This Certificate is mostly recognised Internationally.

Please call us if you'd like to discuss further. Better still pay us a visit.
027 4436094
at Skydive Wellington

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We are certified under both the NZPIA and CAA
We hold a Part 115 Certificate issued by CAA

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